About Me

My name is Andy Hardy. I am a full stack web developer with experience building MERN stack web apps to solve real-world problems. Through the completion of the Denver University Coding Boot Camp, I am experienced developing full stack web apps, using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I am also experienced developing within a group environment using agile methodology.

I am building upon 15 years experience in the sciences, as a chemist, where I thrived applying logic to solve problems on a daily basis. Through the years as a professional chemist, turned coder, I have refined my skills as a pragmatic, flexible to change, clear and concise communicator. I am truly ecstatic about the possibility to leverage my problem solving, and communication skills toward success as a member of your team!


Languages: HTML | CSS | SASS | JavaScript | Node.js | SQL

Libraries / SDKs: Bootstrap | Materialize | Material-UI | Express | React | Handlebars | MySQL | sequelize | mongoDB | mongoose | Leaflet.js | AWS-SDK | Passport.js

... and continuing to learn more ...